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my drumboy

[sticky post] ::Intro::

Hi! ichimango_suki here...

My name is Pyo. You can call me Pyo, Pyo-chan, Pio, Pyo-whatever you like :D
This is my journal to post graphics such as avatar, wallpapers, banner, etc.
Why? Coz' I just love doing it xD

My fav. is Hey! Say! JUMP~
So, JUMPers let's be friends!!!

My ichiban is Nakajima Yuto and my niban is Yamada Ryosuke.
I love to see them as couple together as Yamajima ❤

About username:
Yama-chan fav. fruit ichigo right?
and Yuto.... is mango?
I love both yamada ryosuke and nakajima yuto,
so ichi from ichigo and mango from mango.
Just like that :D

You can also find me on...
tumblr : love-yamajima
twitter : ichimangosuki


(I'm not a pro of making graphics, though...)
I still need your opinion xD


Hi Ai :)
Added, yoroshikuuu~ ^^
Thank you for adding me :D